NIWCYD has been very active and fast in responding to natural disaster over the years. There has been many occasions NIWCYD sent out its team to provide emergency relief for the people affected by natural disaster starting with the Vidarbha flood in Maharashtra 1994, drought relief in MP 1995, earthquake relief, Jabalpur, MP 1997 etc. Organization has constructed thousands of temporary shelter along with giving medical support and developed livelihood resources for the families under food for work program, organized camps and psychological councling and sanitation work. 2000 volunteers associated with the organization out of which hundreds of volunteers are associated with the organization for disaster relief and rehabilitation work.

NIWCYD team has rushed during the heavy flood and land slide in different areas of Uttarakhand in June 2013. Initially organization has assessed various relief and rehabilitation work and provided basic things required by the people in primary stage. After that NIWCYD has selected Dharchula block of Pithoragarh district Uttarakhand district for support of temporary shelter and permanent houses of affected poor and marginal families. Till date we have provided 70 temporary shelters in Gattabagar, Bandarkhet, Toli villages of Dharchla block with support from Habitat for Humanity, India (HFHI). At present we are constructing 25 permanent houses for badly affected families. We are also constructing one community centre which will include Day care centre for children. This work is also going on with support from HFHI.