NIWCYD as the implementing partner of SFAC has initiated the programme "Promotion of Farmers Producers Company" for the production and marketing of pulses varieties in 5 Talukas (Ural, Babulgaon, Digrass, Wani & Selu) under 3 districts (Akola, Yeotmal & Wardha). The programme has its multiple stakeholders as marginal and poor farmers of villages and government agricultural department.


To provide assured and remunerative market access to pulses producing marginal farmers through enhanced farm yield and better marketing option through undertaking collective steps in which the producer farmers will be primary stakeholders.


  • To enhance the production of pulses (significantly Tur) for poor and marginal farmers.
  • Explore and provide improved market access for village farmers through Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) and institutionalize collective marketing process in future.
  • Formation & strengthening of farmers Interest Groups (FIG) & Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) as informal village level institution (FIG) & a registered body (under companies Act. ).
  • Empower and enable people's institutions (formal & Informal) to undertake management activities of procurement and marketing of agriculture produces.