Fifty-two villages constitute the Baiga Chak area, spread across three blocks of Dindori District in M.P. These are the Karanjiya block which has 26 Baiga villages, Bajag block with 9 Baiga villages, and Samnapur block with 17 such villages. All these villages are Forest Villages (not revenue villages) and their administration is in the hands of the forest department, which manages the reserved forests surrounding these villages.

The project area is located in this hilly and forest belt of Baiga Chak in Samnapur block, without a systematic road link, transport and communication facilities. The inhabitants are mainly tribal and schedule caste population who do not have access to public services. They are not even in a position to affirm their rights for services, as they are not aware of it due to high illiteracy, ignorance and lack of exposure to civilized world. From the month of September this year the road construction work is undertaken by the government of Madhya Pradesh under the Prime Minister Road Construction Scheme. After the completion of the work, accessibility to the project area will become much easier and will be for round the year.

» Activities

  • Capacity building village representatives- workshop on record keeping, programme planning and execution- 2 village representatives from each project villsge including a woman were present at the workshop, Another workshop on the role and responsibilities of gramsabha representatives was organised in which the key fuctionaries of the gramsabhas of the project villages including president, vice president secretary, treasurer and other prominent member participated in the workshop. The topics covered included: rapport building with the community, topics of discussions to be initiated in the gramsabhas, passing of the resolutions in the gramsabhas.
  • Capacity building and perspective development project staff- Gender sensitization, process documentation.
  • Land levelling and stone bunding on 88 acres of land in all the five villages.
  • Bunding in 3 villages covering 13.5 acres of land.
  • Health check up camps and health awareness programmes.
  • Agricultural produce collection and conservation- 1220 Kilograms of oilseeds collected from the five project villages. This acollected oil seeds will be sold to the adjoining villages as there is shortage of oil seeds this year due to insufficient rain, 30kgs of honey collection and processing.
  • Study of forestry practices There was no change in the planned activities and the activities executed in the project area.